Heavy Duty Trash Bags 60 Gallons Black 1.5 Mil (Case of 100)

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Strongman Can Liner

60 Gal. Low Density Re-Processed Can Liner 38'' x 58'' 1.5 mil, Black (10 Per Roll, 10 Rolls Per Case)

Strongman Can Liners are made with a blend of LLDPE and LD resins. This results in a can liner that is strong, with a high impact and puncture resistance. The combination of the resins offer a flexible and thin liner without compromising strength. This can liner will perform well in temperature extremes, while confining orders. Available in a variety of sizes , Strongman Can Liners will have a liner for your every need.

  • Coreless Rolls
  • Star seal bottoms
  • Easy fit in Trash cans
  • High tensile strength
  • High puncture resistance
  • Part# SM385815